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Our development improves the quality of the local environment transforming semiarid land into a perennial orchard with the subsequent Co2 absortion an oxygen emission following the pattern :

1-. Each tree, after its first two years and for the following 25, produces 12.000 kgs of organic matter that return to the soil making it richer and preventing  erosion.

2-. Each tree produces 29.000 m3 of oxygen; purifies the air, works as the biosfere´s lungs preventing lung and heart illnesses. Each tree produces in 25 years the oxygen requirements of a human in 80 years.

3-. Each tree absorbs the same a mount of CO2, approximately 29.000m3, contributing to prevent the green house effect and global warming.

4-. The soil quality improves as 60 tons of manure and organic matter are added every three years.

5-. The oxygen production of a 600 hectare orchard for the first 25 years covers the oxygen requirements of a the population of 18 million people for 80 years.


From a landscaping point of view we will transform a semi arid plateau into an orderly, dense and perennial forest.

From an industrial point of view, the state of the art oil extracting technology to be used does not produce residues nor contamination and is extremely energy efficient.

Even from an aesthetic point of view every detail has been carefully considered and the oil mill building and façade have been designed following the style of the local arquitecture.

In summary, not only does this project not have negative effects on the environment but it will help improve its conditions in the impoverished area surrounding Ovalle.

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