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For the past three generations our family, through Agrocampiña SA, has been growing olives of the hojiblanca, picual and arbequina varieties in our own groves. These groves add up to 600 hectares near the villages of Santaella, Montilla, La Rambla y Montalban, no more than 40 kilometres away from Córdoba. They are situated in the Guadalquivir valley within 200 to 400 metres above sea level over extremely fertile rolling hills with superb sunlight exposure.

Harvest starts in mid-november and lasts till mid-december. Harvest is done in the traditional style with the olives being hand picked. The full harvest is processed in our own mill by mechanical processing which includes the washing, decanting, spinning and filtering of the olives. Hence, the olive juice is obtained naturally with the sole intervention of gravity forces.


The excellence and worldwide reputation of our brands, as recognised in specialist magazines, international tastings and prizes, is the result of the efforts of many years.

Our brands “Columela”, “Barneo” and “Oro de Ulía” are among the most highly considered in the quality rankings which include over 300.000 worldwide producers.

For the past 15 years “Columela” has been the extra virgin olive oil chosen to officially represent Spain in its stand at Food & Gourmet Trade Fairs. This has been achieved thanks to the attention to detail and care put into every stage of the production process:

1-. Plant selection

2-. Hand picking harvest methods

3-. Inmediate milling of the olives

4-. Oil extraction through mechanical processes

5-. Self designed mill management and manufacturing processes

6-. Careful coupages

7-. Storage in nitrogen tanks

8-. Fast distribution and consumption

9.- Strict quality control

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