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Olive orchards are one of the safest and fastest growing agricultural investments worldwide. Extra virgin olive oil demand has been growing at 7% annual rate. Furthermore, this demand is expanding into non traditional uses in medicine, health & beauty treatments..

Through our staff, based in Chile, we are available to offer consulting services to investors interested in planting their orchards in the IV Region. 

The joint experience and efforts of Agronoble and Borges and their presence in Chile through Borges-Chile S. A. is a guarantee for the Chilean investor that their crops will have immediate access to markets at profitable prices. Anyone joining efforts with our project will be able to develop their grove benefiting from the excellence of Agronoble´s  agricultural and industrial experience and will become part of Borges´ commercial network which is regarded as the world leader in bulk olive oil trade.

 In order to become part of our project the following pre-requisites must be met :

1)      The minimum size orchard has to be at least 50 hectares

2)      Plants have to be acquired through our supplier Agromillora Sur

3)      The varieties have to be either : Arbequina, hojiblanca, picual or frantoio

Financial forecast for the chilean investor 


a)      Trees per hectare : 285

b)     7 * 5 tree spacing  (35 square meters per tree)

c)      1kg of olive oil extracted from 5 kgs  of olives

d)     In 2003 the price per olive kg has been 40 cents US$

e)      The yearly costs (including harvest) for a mature hectare are estimated in 1.060 US$



Anyone interested in growing olives and joining our project must forward us the following data in order to have their proposal assessed :


1-. Soil analysis

2-. Irrigation water analysis

3-. Photographs and climatic data of the area to be developed


For further information please contact us through e-mail after forwarding the following form to central@olivonoble.com

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